Monday, 23 November 2020

Take care of the members of your fitness center in times of COVID-19

We understand that you are alarmed both by your users and by the maintenance of your center, it is completely normal, we just have to bear in mind that we have an important responsibility and we have to clearly think about strategies that are functional to satisfy the needs of your 2 main vertices (your users and the maintenance of your center).

- Follow the recommendations and directions according to your country: In several countries they have declared a national emergency, that is, total closure of borders and immobilization of citizens, in other countries they are not yet statemented as such but they are suggestions that society is carrying out such as: having hygiene measures more frequently, work from home, go out only if necessary, etc. If this is your case, we recommend doing the following: 1. Talk to your community and listen to their needs, so you will know what strategies you can follow according to security protocols, we recommend creating a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group. If you have an app, communicate through push notifications. 2. Encourage them not to cancel their memberships or unsubscribe by offering them something extra in exchange that is remunerative for both them and you, such as accumulation of classes, personalized online routines, etc. 3. Offer them high-impact content for their health, recommendations in these days of the quarantine such as recipes, news and relevant suggestions ( not alarming, it is not about causing panic but quite the opposite), YouTube videos of routines that you find interesting although are not from your center. 4. Wait for instructions according to your country to know what the next steps will be and not stop being in constant communication with your users, remember that they are a community. Let them feel you close. Although in many countries governments still do not make emergency declarations as such, we recommend that you fully evaluate the situation to assess whether you have to stop the activities of your center. Why? As we mentioned before, the environment of a fitness center is more prone to spreading an infectious disease such as COVID-19 due to all the humidity that is generated thanks to the constant movement, sweat, rotation of people between devices, and close contact. Remember that it is very important to prevent future infections. If you do not want to close your heart then you will have to take measures more stringent hygiene and be in constant communication with your users what you are doing to respect also invite them if they have any symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue or pain that they attend the doctor for an evaluation and that for no reason attend your center, for the safety of all. It will also be important that your collaborators and instructors are 100% sure of following the necessary hygiene protocols. -> Online classes, an infallible solution <- Thanks to technology and digitization, offering online classes can be a solution that is widely accepted by your users, there are many ways to do it, here are some suggestions: 1. Subscribe your center to Butiq Live and get a 1-month free membership for all your users, share their favorite classes. 2. Open a YouTube channel , record a simple routine that can be done at home, and upload it. You don't have to have so much production, just make sure it is in high quality and with good audio (be careful with the copyright of the music). 3. If you already have Fitco , now you can upload your classes online to your website. 4. Open a Facebook group with your users and broadcast a class live , so they can connect and do it together. That video will also be saved for future occasions.

Saturday, 21 November 2020

How to monetize your online classes?


What does it mean to monetize an online service?

It is about developing an action plan, in this case, a content plan, for all the material that you are going to create and share with your communityAfterward, you must record your classes and post them on a virtual platform for your students to enjoy.

Not so simple: hay hundreds of services online that offer the same content you have formed a community and take longer on the network. This would leave you at a disadvantage, especially if we consider powerful platforms such as YouTube or Dailymotion.


Get to work

Stand out! Many gym owners, personal trainers and athletes upload their classes to the Internet. You have something different, that's why there is already a community that has chosen you. When you record your classes online, put that essence in every detail, in every word and in every effort: we assure you that your subscribers will notice it.

Surely you want to focus your content on physical training classes, which you can monetize with our Fitco Live softwareFirst, we will talk about additional options to boost the growth of your fitness business despite the current crisis.


Create courses

A good idea to make your knowledge about the fitness world profitable is to create courses where you train your subscribersThe themes can be diverse: the important thing is that you provide valuable content.

Providing valuable content is offering your community useful information and demonstrating how qualified your monitors are. In addition, with the creation of courses, you can generate income profitably and open the doors to many other users interested in your virtual training.


Sell ​​your products

If your gym usually sells shirts, bags, shakes, or products like protein and energy bars, this tip is of interest to you. Offer these products in your online classes : create a small section where you remind your subscribers that they are available to be sent immediately. Lean on technology to facilitate the purchase , both for payments and for shipments. Remember that people who take your class online, usually do it from home, so it is convenient to offer them implements that facilitate the execution of their activities. It is a very large market, so it considers Acerte partner of some brandsto carry out these sales. It is a strategy that offers many advantages .


Be strategic

It is important that you think about your community before generating any type of material. At every step you take, ask yourself: what would your best customers like? What can I offer to clients with a little physical condition? How do students in each discipline usually fail? By answering these questions, you will help them improve in each online classThis is key for their motivation to stay strong and they maintain their relationship with you.

 Fitco Live is the solution you need

Now that you have a strategy and you know what you are going to offer your students, the time has come to choose a channel . Of course, the first idea that comes to your head is YouTube, the most popular audiovisual content network in the world. But then, are you going to leave your class there, wait for someone to see it, and make some money from it? We want to offer you something much more special, specially designed for your business model .

The best design tools for your Fitness Center!

To make your work easier, we have done a search for the best design tools so that you can create the most incredible branding for your center. In the following lines, you will find everything you need.

Online tools
Today online resources are the most used. You can find endless paid and free alternatives. Knowing which ones offer the most benefits will save you a lot of time. 1. Canva
Canva is one of the best-known online tools the design market. The advantage it offers is a wide variety of templates social networks, logo creation, animations and printing. All templates are editable and you can add the decorative element or the image that you prefer. Additionally, you have the possibility of creating work teams so that your staff can see your creations in real time and add improvements to the sketches. When using the tool, keep in mind that many of the images and vectors have a premium category, so if you use them, in order to download your project you would have to pay. 2. Be Funky
Now we present you one of the best image editing tools that technology has given us (and which you can take a look at without registering). We talk about Be Funky . Among the actions available you have cropping and resizing images, applying filters, removing backgrounds, retouching portraits, creating collages and much more. Looking to make creations like a designer? You also have several templates, more than a million free images to be used, diversity of vectors and fonts. Your imagination is the limit. 3. Image banks
If a photo session is expensive at this time in your business, you have the possibility of using image banks. The best in this field are Pexels , Pixabay , StockSnap and Gratisography and mong others. Other good options are Freepik , Shutterstock and Magdeleine , however they have a download limit and it is necessary to attribute the artist. Once you make the selection of the images that best represent your community , you can edit them as you prefer. Desktop tools
If you want to take the image of your center to the next level and feel that you have full autonomy and control over your designs, we present the two leading tools in this area. Photoshop and Illustrator very renowned but dominated by few. Photoshop allows you to edit imagesto your liking and offerspractically endless possibilities. You can convert an image into whatever you want, that's why this software is complex. Although once you take your first steps, you will appreciate using it.
It has similarities to Photoshop, although for many, Illustrator is a bitmore intuitive. Do you want to take advantage of the full potential of these tools? We recommend you check guides or tutorials for use. Video tools
Today, most of the content consumed by users consists of videos. If you are looking for a greater conversion of your online customers, having a promotional video for your center is an excellent option to connect with your audience . Creating good videos requires you to think about the message you are going to convey . To edit a video easily, you can use tools like Windows Movie Maker , Filmora, or LightWorks . Take advantage of them to tell stories and testimonials from your users . You also have the option to create animated videos. These are the best option to list the advantages of your gym. Try Moovly , PowToon, or GoAnimate . Apps for photo editing
If your smartphone is an extension of your hand, then photo editing apps are what you need. Create images and posts for social networks as fast and easy as sending messages. Among the best options we suggest Snapseed , Pixlr , Lightroom or Afterlight . With these apps you will achieve excellent results in image editing and creation. The constant support in technology is key to the growth of your fitness business. In this case, it is about using design tools that will facilitate the branding strategy of your center.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

How to implement a CRM in your Fitness Center?

Step 1: Preliminary stage

Gather the team and agree on an implementation date for your CRM. If you preferred to designate a manager for the process, your role will be primarily administrative. On the other hand, if your venture is just starting or you will do the work on your own, it will be better that you investigate very well the functions or processes that your new CRM will "affect" (regarding the way you and your team currently work). Make sure to explain to everyone involved how the ways of doing things will change so as not to take them by surprise.

Prepare a 1-2 page document detailing the benefits you hope to gain from your CRM. Be specific, use statements like: " Improve my management of social networks " or "Centralize the data of our customers." Setting metrics is important to measure the performance of your strategy later on.

Define who will use the CRM in your center. There are hundreds of software alternatives, so a good way to start is by asking yourself which modules or tools you need and which ones are indifferent to you.

List the processes that you need to start covering from your CRM. Then, you will select one of these processes (preferably the most complex), to use during the test.

You are going to need to choose a couple of CRMs for the testing phase. If you haven't done so already, visit CompareSoftware to find a software listing and request free advice. Select two or three CRMs compatible with your business model that also offer trial versions. Base your choice on factors such as: usability, cost , integration with third-party services, risks, opportunities, etc.

Once you have chosen the CRM candidates for your Fitness Center, move on to the next phase.

Step 2: Pre-test

Configure your CRM options for the process that you decided to test in the previous phase. It can be the creation of a lead or the registration of a sale, it is your decision.

Start the test. Ideally, you should test the same process on all shortlisted CRMs to make an objective judgment. Also, try complementary tools such as issuing custom reports or integration with external apps. The essay has to be realistic, it is even a good idea to involve the rest of the team to get their point of view (especially if they will be the end-users).

At the end of this phase, you will have determined –– based on the criteria that we named in the first step–– which CRM best fits what your Fitness center needs.

Step 3: Implementation

Prepare current customer data to import into your new CRM software. You can usually do this using an Excel spreadsheet in CSV format, but it sure will take you some time if you do the export manually (that is, if you did not have a CRM before or other software with which you can automate the export of data).

Choose two or three team members (there may be more, depending on the number of people who work with you), to lead the trial period. It is important not to skip this step, as you will discover “blind spots” that you missed during the previous trial. Those who are part of the trial period will have to report their experience of use to solve possible problems before generalizing the use of the CRM.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Project management can take your Fitness Center to the next level

Project management is a discipline very explored in the corporate world, but did you know that you can apply to your personal life and your heart fitness?

Although the concept may sound boring, project management is what prevents businesses from failing due to:

  •         Mismanagement of resources
  •         Disorder in the execution of tasks
  •         Lack of financing
  •         Communication problems
  •         Other common reasons!

To help you continue equipping yourself and be successful in your fitness endeavor, today we tell you how to use project management to your advantage (specifically, through Project Management Software ).

How does a Project Management Software fit into your fitness center?

You already know that gym management systems provide fitness centers with elementary functionalities, such as managing schedules, memberships and facilities.

All of this can be found in the Fitco Software, so you may be wondering why you need to include "one more ingredient in the cake."

The reason is that, although Fitco provides everything you need to manage your fitness business, project management is a very extensive field and Project Management Software allows you to extend the functionalities that Fitco already offers you.

In this way, you can cover more tasks in less time and without the need to invest in multiple separate tools, since the management software is convenient for both collaborative use and for planning, monitoring and analysis purposes.

Doing a brief review, some of the management opportunities that open to you with the help of project management software are:

  •         Propose and plan new classes
  •         Assign responsibilities (with start and end dates)
  •         Collect suggestions for improvement within the team
  •         Plan structural changes with everyone's participation

       Analyze the risks and opportunities that exist in the market for your business, from a collaborative and friendly environment

        Easy file and document sharing

Budget         management

How to integrate project management into your business?

As we already said, the quickest way to start taking advantage of the principles of project management in your fitness center is to use Project Management Software.

The software management tools are belted to the basics of management and offer many features that can be complemented with software FITCO to give more scope to the management of your enterprise.

Do you already have an organization chart in your Fitness Center?


Organization charts in a gym What are they and what are they for?

Organizational charts are models of hierarchical structures that allow the identification of departments, processes, positions, managers, functions, and the chain of command.

These hierarchical structures must be adjusted to your gym and serve to help you clearly visualize how it is organized and what are the communicational relationships that exist between each department or management area in your fitness center.

Organization charts How are they classified?

According to the graphic representation, the most common organization charts in the world of organizations are classified as:

Circulars: They are represented in a circular diagram, their main characteristic is that the highest authority or department with the highest hierarchy goes in the center of the circumference, surrounded by the departments that depend on it.

Functional: They are used to graphically represent the functions and those responsible for each area, process, or department.

Vertical: It is perhaps one of the most used, it represents each department in a hierarchical way, placing general management or maximum authority at the top of the pyramid. 

Horizontal: represents the hierarchy of each department from left to right.      

Mixed: It can contain the structure of both a vertical and a circular organization chart.

The use of functional organization charts is recommended only to represent departments or part of them, this is due to the large volume of information they contain. All other diagrams can be used to design a general organization chart.

  1. Design your structure step by step
  2. Identify the management areas of your gym. 

As Fitness Centers are very versatile, when implementing organization charts in a gym, all management areas and each of the members that compose them should be considered.   

But what are the management areas of your Fitness Center? 

No matter how big or small your sports center is, it will always have different management areas because in this case, we are not talking specifically about a physical space, remember that online gyms are currently very fashionable. 

  • In general lines we can identify the following:
  • Marketing or Sales
  • Reception or Customer Service
  • Medical Service or Consulting
  • Administration (Purchases - Tax - Human Resources - others)
  • Sports Store ( Sale of products for sports use)
  • The technique ( Personnel of the different sports activities)
  • Maintenance of machines and common areas.
  • Housekeeping

Create a charge structure

A good idea to define the structure of your Fitness Center is through the analysis and description of the positions of each of your collaborators, so you can determine the main responsibilities and functions that each one carries out, as well as the requirements and levels specific requirements of each position.

It is important to differentiate an analysis of positions and a description of positions, the first one reveals the nature that the individual requires to carry out the position, studies, abilities, and skills, among others. The second details the responsibilities, functions, and activities inherent to the position.  

Assign roles

Once the positions and managers have been identified, it is time to assign roles, this will allow you to measure the level of access or restriction to the information that your work team must-have, especially if you have management software. 

With Fitco this is a simple task. Our management software for Fitness Centers contains a module to configure the roles of your staff. The menu offers you the possibility to select the section and the level of access to the information that you want to grant, in addition, you will be able to activate, deactivate, edit or delete roles without inconvenience.

But if you still do not have management software, do not worry, we are going to leave you a link where you will learn about the benefits of having management software in your gym and how you can purchase it here.

Lean on digital tools

On the web, you can get several digital tools to design organization charts, but since at Fitco we strive to make life as fit as possible, here we bring you some:

Created: It is a tool for drawing diagrams that contains various models ranging from mind maps to organizational charts, within its portfolio it has a template to create organization charts for gyms. 

LucidChart: It is an online tool with a free membership for seven days, it is easily coupled with other tools such as Google Docs, Google Drive, and Google Sheets, with it you can design and update the organization chart of your fitness center from the cloud.

Microsoft Visio: It is a software from the Microsoft family for vector drawings that contains office diagrams, data flow diagrams, database diagrams, among others.

Canva: It is a website that offers free membership to create a variety of designs or use default templates, due to its user-friendly interface it will be easy to use.

Google Docs: It is a free and online tool to create and edit text, spreadsheets, and presentations, is part of the Google Suite, and allows you to export the document in the format you need: pdf, doc, txt, ODT, RTF, or HTML.

New strengths for your fitness center.

Once you have made and implemented the organizational structure of your Fitness Center, you will receive notable improvements that will be part of your strengths, I will tell you some:

Better Communication: Once your work team, participants and suppliers know the command lines, communication will flow, they will know whom to turn to, and that will streamline all processes.

Better planning of human talent: You will be able to recognize which positions you have available and plan for the moment of recruitment and selection of new personnel.

Better restructuring: When you require restructuring in your sports center, this graphic representation will help you visualize the critical points that you must consider.

But don't forget that your greatest strength will be having a tool that helps you manage each area of your Fitness Center, such as Fitco Live, a management software designed for today's gyms.

New sources of additional income for your Fitness Center

Online classes

Surely you have already heard of this new modality of teaching classes virtually, but do you know how to get the most out of this business opportunity? There are several aspects that you must take into account, we will tell you some:

Audiovisual content: you must create fresh, unique and varied content that shows the benefits of your gym, motivates your viewers to continue with their training and to become loyal to your Fitness Center.

Platform: use a platform that helps you cross borders, such as Fitco Live , a system designed for online gyms, which allows you to upload your recorded classes and broadcast your classes live without any difficulty.

Promote your classes: take advantage of social networks to publicize your gym, you can implement testimonial strategies or give them a demonstration of what your classes are: this will connect you with your community.

Monetize your classes: as you require time and effort to create your content, for the management of the collection of memberships we recommend you to rely on management software such as Fitco.

Sport Nutrition

Add value in your Sports Center by implementing a nutrition service, Fitness consumers know that a good diet guarantees performance and resistance as well as a healthier life.

Remember that a significant percentage of those who seek a Fitness Center have overweight problems, so becoming a nutritional advisor will increase the financial income of your gym. 

You can approach the nutritional service in the following way:

  • Offer personalized diets .
  • Offers online sesorias .
  • Sell food supplements .
  • Open a restaurant inside your Fitness Center .


If the space of your Fitness Center allows it, you can create a spa with physiotherapy service, this will not only help you quickly position yourself in the market but will make a difference compared to the competition. 

At the end of the day, a physiotherapist not only helps to heal an injury , but also advises so that during training it does not happen again, with this your participants and even your collaborators will feel safer.

In addition, integrating a spa can help you attract other types of clients , those who are not looking for a strong exercise routine, but a therapeutic and relaxation place, this source of growth for your Fitness Center will undoubtedly increase your sales.

New disciplines

Another good source of economic growth is the incorporation into your Fitness Center of new disciplines that are setting trends in the market.

If you liked the idea and want to try it, here is a link where you can find all the information about the new fitness trends and what you need to incorporate them into your Fitness Center .

Sports shop

A sports store is a profitable business as long as you carry out a good market study , segment your target audience and consider the following aspects:

Product quality: offering only good quality products, remember that fitness consumers are demanding when it comes to their health and well-being.

Variety: depending on the segmentation of your target market, you should consider having products for all types of discipline or you can focus on just one.

Prices: it offers articles of varied prices, so you can reach clients of different purchasing power.

Digital marketing strategy: if you are not on the web, you are not competitive, so promote your sports store online. 

As at Fitco we know how important this process is, we prepare special content with all the information you need to know about digital marketing strategies for Fitness Centers.

Coaches School

Share your knowledge, like you, many entrepreneurs are looking for a business opportunity , so a good idea is to turn your Fitness Center into a school for trainers.

Go further, not only focus on giving physical training classes and training them as qualified personnel in a specific discipline, you can give complementary workshops such as: gym management!

Project your Fitness Center as a school for comprehensive trainers , where your participants become spokespersons for the good service you offer.

Final Words

We hope that this information has been helpful to you and you can take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the new sources of growth for your Fitness Center . 

At Fitco we will accompany you and promote the success of your business with an intelligent system . Try Fitco Live for 15 days at no cost and experience a 360 ° transformation in your gym.New sources of additional income for your Fitness Center.